Sunflowers for snowy weather

Maybe I’m just craving summertime, but ever since revisiting the National Gallery and seeing Van Gogh’s sunflowers, I’ve been remembering how much sunflowers come up in art, poetry and fashion. They’re associated with sunshine and friendship but they’re also freakish flowers that grow too tall, have garish yellow petals and a scrubby brown centre, which is probably what makes them an interesting image. I’ve made a kind of sunflower mood board because it’s snowy and it’s cold and why not.

Top to bottom: Ginsberg ‘Sunflower Sutra’, Van Gogh 1887, Rodarte SS 2012, Allen Ginsberg, Van Gogh, Rodarte, Paul Nash, William Blake, Rodarte, Harold and Maude. 

49.41rodarte sunflowersSunflower serpant - ginsbergvg1rodarte-sunflowersEclipse_of_sunflower paul nash


rodarte ss12